Venice (c) 1992

I had never interviewed ROBERT REDFORD until he directed A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT, when I met him at the Toronto Film Festival in 1992.  I was very impressed with his artistic skills as a director, more than I had been with him as an actor.  That is why a couple of years later, I chose him as the subject of my master thesis at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, which in 2007 I revised and published as a book “Robert Redford and the American West
Here’s some of the interviews I wrote about his work through the years.
Above: VENICE, Los Angeles US. October 1992
MARIE CLAIRE, Italy.  March 1993
DONNA MODERNA, Italy.  April 6, 1995
GIOIA, Italy.  June 20, 1998
GIOIA, Italy.  January 5, 2002
CINEMANIA, Spain. August 2004

Marie Claire (c) 1993

Donna Moderna (c) 1995

Gioia (c) 1998

Gioia (c) 2002

Cinemania (c) 2004