I started writing for the Italian edition of MARIE CLAIRE in 1988.
Editors of the same magazine in other countries took notice of my articles about Hollywood stars and asked me to work with them as well. So, through the years, I also wrote for MARIE CLAIRE in Spain, Germany, the Netherland and Russia.
Here’s some examples of layouts. Of course, I prefer it when the actor I interviewed is featured on the cover, rather than unrelated fashion models.

JOHNNY DEPP, Marie Claire Italy, December 2004
RALPH FIENNES, Marie Claire Spain, June 2006
GEORGE CLOONEY, Marie Claire Germany, February 2002
CHARLIZE THERON, Marie Claire Netherlands, January 2009
SCARLETT JOHANSSON, Marie Claire Russia, August 2005

Johnny Depp (c) Marie Claire 2004

Ralph Fiennes (c) Marie Claire 2006


George Clooney (c) Marie Claire 2002



Charlize Theron (c) Marie Claire 2009


Scarlett Johansson (c) Marie Claire 2005

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