Elle (c) 1988

I wrote many articles for various Italian magazines through the years.
A favorite was ELLE (Rizzoli), because they made me their Hollywood Correspondent in 1988 from the very first issue.  I contributed several interviews for a couple of years, that were sometimes republished on 7, a weekly supplement of the daily Corriere della Sera. But since around the same time I had started writing for MARIE CLAIRE, a competing fashion monthly who granted me exclusivity, I chose to write only for them, because they were from the same publishing company (Mondadori) as EPOCA.
See above MICHAEL DOUGLAS. March 1988
Below: SEAN CONNERY. January 21, 1989, reprinted from ELLE January

Corriere della Sera (c) 1989

Occasionally I wrote for the monthly DONNA, published by Rusconi, because I was the Hollywood correspondent for their weekly GIOIA.  They favored face-to-face interviews with members of the same family, like husband and wife LIAM NEESON and NATASHA RICHARDSON, father and daughter PETER and BRIDGET FONDA.  And below:
mother and daughter GOLDIE HAWN and KATE HUDSON.  June 1999.

Donna (c) 1999